Game Booster: game performance enhancement technology

Game Booster Game Booster is a feature that allows you to AUTOMATICALLY increase game performance.

This feature monitors the launching of full-screen gaming applications and attempts to boost their performance.
In order to boost the performance of games, the Game Booster function performs the following actions:
  • Game Booster directs the CPU to give maximum priority to OS interactions with the gaming application

  • Game Booster prioritizes the OS's allocation of RAM to interactions with the gaming application

  • Game Booster prioritizes the game's interactions with the file system
  • If the system memory is significantly loaded when the game is first launched or the computer has a small amount of RAM, Game Booster then reallocates that memory and steers it away from resource-intensive tasks running in the background in favor of the game.

  • Finally, if the previous methods fail to boost performance by the necessary degree or the computer has a less powerful configuration, Game Booster will pause noncritical Windows services while the game is running in order to free up system resources.
All these actions can unleash the full potential of your computer while running games.
When you are finished with the game, the Game Booster function automatically returns your PC to its original state.