Kerish Deblocker: removes lock screen viruses even after your PC has been blocked

Kerish Deblocker The Kerish Deblocker function allows you to unblock your computer in cases where users cannot do it themselves.

For example, if your computer has been locked by malware or you cannot exit from a full-screen application.

If you want to end a process whose window is currently active (e.g., if you have a lock screen virus), all you need to do is to hold the Escape key for ten seconds.

This is the command that the user can give to end the process whose window is currently active, and the application will be forced to shut down.

Afterwards, the function will check the closed application and whether or not it is set to launch when Windows starts (a clear sign that this is a lock screen virus). The user will be asked to add it to the blacklist to prevent it from running on the computer.

In addition, you can hold the Pause Break key instead of Escape for ten seconds to not only end the process of the currently active window but also all non-system processes.

This feature allows you to deal effectively with lock screen viruses even if they are not included in the database of known malware and do not respond to anti-virus software.